Architectural and urbanistic operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition

Architecture Master’s Thesis on Polis Vila do Conde

Following the research task on the overview and analysis of the Polis Program in Portugal, one master’s thesis was developed by a student of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Architecture of Beira Interior University and was coordinated by João Paulo Delgado. The work, by Sara Oliveira, analyses the transformation of Vila do Conde’s seafront by Alcino Soutinho and Álvaro Siza projects, developed by the Polis Program.

The thesis is available online at the UBI repository.

Thesis excerpt © Sara Oliveira

Oliveira, S. M. M. (2020) O Impacto do Programa Polis na Frente Marítima de Vila do Conde. [Master Thesis, Architecture, Universidade Beira Interior.]