Architectural and urbanistic operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition

“Between the Sea and the Land” Exhibition

“Between the Sea and the Land” is an architecture exhibition where the results of a study about the territory of Costa da Caparica elaborated in 2020/21, by the students Integrated Master’s Degree in Architecture of Iscte and coordinated by Gabriela Gonçalves were gathered. This project focuses on a unique landscape that needs to be rehabilitated, constituting a critical look over the territory, bringing together multiple ideas and opportunities for intervention, and seeking answers to its weaknesses, also offering a strategy for consolidation and protection of the natural and built environment.

The exhibition will be held at Bombeiros V.C Headquarters, Costa da Caparica (17-19 June 2022) and at Fundação Serra Henriques – Porto Brandão (25-30 June).