Architectural and urbanistic operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition

Fieldwork in Lisbon Metropolitan Area

In November two fieldwork visits were carried out in Lisbon Metropolitan Area waterfronts. Based on previous gathering and systematization of information, the visits photographic registration, validation of documentary sources, direct observation, on-site data collection and verification. As a result, summary maps were prepared, photographic records were organized and the records were added to the database.

The fieldwork informed the discussion at the colloquium “Transformations and Expectant Places – The Waterfronts of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area” at the end of November.

Team Members: Ana Brandão, Inês Cayolla, João Maria Costa and Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Riverfront path, Vila Franca de Xira © The Grand Projects
Riverside industrial area, Loures © The Grand Projects
Waterfront, Oeiras © The Grand Projects
Coastal path, Cascais © The Grand Projects
River Garden, Almada © The Grand Projects
Waterfront path, Seixal © The Grand Projects
Tidal Mills Walkway, Barreiro © The Grand Projects
Waterfront, Moita © The Grand Projects
Tidal mill, Montijo © The Grand Projects
Av. D. Manuel II, Alcochete © The Grand Projects