Architectural and urbanistic operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition

New paper on Sustainability journal

A new paper was published with results from the Grand Projects research on the Special Issue “Urban Legacies of the late 20th Century” of the Sustainability journal.
The paper titled “Urban planning policies to the renewal of riverfront areas: The Lisbon metropolis case” is authored by Eduardo Medeiros, Ana Brandão, Paulo Tormenta Pinto and Sara Silva Lopes and is available on open acess.

The paper addresses the way urban planning policies have helped to renew the waterfront areas in the Lisbon metropolis in the past decades. The results demonstrate an intense renewal of the waterfront areas in the Lisbon metropolitan area (LMA), particularly in Lisbon over the past three decades into leisure, ecologic and touristic areas, vis-à-vis the previous industrial and harbour vocation.