Architectural and urbanistic operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition

Special Issue of the Sustainability journal “Urban Legacies of the Late 20th Century”

This Special Issue will comprise papers covering a wide range of aspects related to the legacies of the late 20th-century urban policies and transformations.

The Special Issue is connected to the conference ‘Grand Projects 2021—Urban Legacies of the Late 20th Century”, from which articles will be selected to be submitted as full papers, but also welcomes contributions outside this event.
Evidence-based and theoretical articles addressing the following topics are welcome:

• Mega-events
• Starchitecture and architecture as economic value;
• Terrain vague and brownfield redevelopments;
• Environmental awareness and green policies;
• Urban policies, urban competitiveness, and social challenges;
• Urban art and urban creativity;
• Mega-projects and events in the Global South;
• Methods and technologies on architectural design and urban planning;
• Urban analytics and city design.

Paulo Tormenta Pinto and Ana Brandão, PI and a researcher of the project, together with Eduardo Medeiros are guest editors of this special issue.

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