Architectural and urbanistic operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition

Task 2
Intervention plans and the nationwide territory planning

For this task, the main sources will be the Riverfront General Plan of Interventions for Lisbon, the South Tagus River Arch City Plans, and the Polis Program.

The task of territorial scope is related to the study of cities which has undergone interventions managed by the Plans and Programs being researched, establishing links with major land planning instruments – the 2007 National Spatial Planning Policy (PNPOT), and the 2002 Lisbon Metropolitan Area Regional Plan of Territorial Arrangement (PROT-AML).

The aim of this task is to systematize and to organize the information related to the plans and programs, in order to consolidate the existing databases and archives – both from the General Directorate of Territory and from Lisbon Municipality.

Following this task, it will be possible to establish a qualitative evaluation, not only of the land use planning, but also of the actions of urban valorization and respective opportunities for intervention.
A mapping system will be developed, in order to standardize all analytical criteria, thus launching a set of fundamental orientation research issues, namely: i. Analytical study of the urban morphology and its relationship with the geography of the territories under study; ii. Characterization and understanding the historical evolution and the formation process of the urban fabrics; iii. Definition of the singularity of both places and their strategic resources, overlapping the strategies inherent to the various urban projects; iii. Framing of urban projects with the distribution of the various productive sectors and their relationship with international networks; iv. Framing of urban projects with existing or planned infrastructural networks, related whether with roads, railroads, seaports, river ports, or airports; v. Comparative studies linking urban projects and existing planning instruments from different municipalities under study: Master Plans, Urbanization Plans, Detail Plans and allotments.

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Tangencies and distances – After the great events of late 20th century
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Conference “Strategic planning and urban infrastructure lines”
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01 Apr 2019 – 31 Mar 2021
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