Architectural and urbanistic operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition

Task 6 – Urban and Architectural Scope

For this task, the main sources will be the Riverfront General Plan of Interventions for Lisbon, the South Tagus River Arch City Plans, and the Polis Program. It will deal with the characterization of reference works and architectural projects carried out in the context of Lisbon Expo98 expansion. Through this task, a mapping of the interventions carried out under the Polis Program will also be elaborated.

This basis will have as its main function the identification of the most relevant works and the structuring of information related to them, namely at the level of: authorship of the main

urban and architectural projects, origin of its authors, functional programs of the interventions, its scale, and typology (new work, restoration, rehabilitation, or reconstruction).

These data will be crucial for launching some interpretative ways, which in turn will allow establishing guidelines for the characterization of the design culture in Portugal in the last two decades.

This task will also aim at laying the foundations for the study of related issues, such as:

  1. Building typologies and public spaces resulting from urban interventions;
  2. The interaction of the new interventions with buildings of historical and/or architectural value;
  3. The interaction of new interventions with the valorization, transformation and/or growth of urban fabric;
  4. The capacity of the new interventions to consolidate the urban nuclei where they are inserted;
  5. The influence of new interventions with the improvement of urban life quality;
  6. The evaluation of the usages, the readability and the acceptance of the intervened territories through tools like Space Syntax (Representation of Results and Methods for Reading);
  7. The identification of new project opportunities, such as improving the interfaces between new interventions and the existing urban fabric.
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01 Apr 2019 – 31 Mar 2021


Ana Vaz Milheiro
Rosália Guerreiro
Nuno Grande
Hired fellow researcher