Architectural and urbanistic operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition

Task 9
Task of exhibition production and research results disclosure

The exhibition production and the results disclosure will be the last part of the research project. The exhibition will focus the results of the several tasks. All data should be mapped and transformed in diagrams aiming at communicating the conclusions of the research. It will be a goal of this exhibition to clarify the perception and the impact of the urban policies after Expo98 in Portugal. Thus, the production should be accessible to common people and politicians, providing data for launching a debate involving media and the society as a whole. It is foreseen that this exhibition will be displayed in Switzerland, hosted by the Accademia di Architettura de Mendrisio, partner on this project.

The exhibition will involve all the research team. The beginning of this task is scheduled for the 5th semester, when it is predicted that some part of the team has already concluded other planned tasks. The first milestone corresponds to the layout definition of space and graphic design. On 6th semester all the team will join the exhibition preparation. Municipality of Lisbon will provide an exhibition hall for the event.

Milestone 23 | Space layout and graphic design

This milestone corresponds to the programming and design of the spatial layout of the exhibition, and also to the graphic design of the exhibition material, namely posters, catalogues, and websites.

Milestone 24 | Exhibition production in Portugal

This milestone marks the full completion of the exhibition in Portuguese territory, namely in place provided by the Municipality of Lisbon.

Milestone 25 | Exhibition display in Switzerland

This milestone marks the displaying of the exhibition in Switzerland, hosted by the Accademia di Architettura de Mendrisio, partner on this project.

01 Oct 2020 – 30 Set 2021


Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Pedro Costa

Alexandra Paisana Belo

Álvaro Domingues

Ana Vaz Milheiro

Elisa Vilares

João Paulo Delgado

Jorge Bassani

Jorge Bonito

José Luís Saldanha

Nuno Grande

Rosália Guerreiro

Rui Póvoas

Pedro Pinto

Sandra Marques Pereira

Vítor Matias Ferreira

Vítor Mingacho

Hired researcher

Hired fellow researcher 1

Hired fellow researcher 2